Article - Malaysia and Nepal to Implement Umpires and Scorers Exchange Programme
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Malaysia and Nepal to Implement Umpires and Scorers Exchange Programme

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Malaysia and Nepal to Implement Umpires and Scorers Exchange Programme

Malaysian cricket umpires and scorers will obtain an understanding and experience of cricket in Nepal following the signing of an agreement in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday to send the officials to the South Asian country.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association of Nepal (CUSAN) and the Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) on an umpires and scorers exchange programme aims to provide all upcoming qualified officials in Nepal and Malaysia an opportunity to officiate matches in the two countries.

MCA president Mahinda Vallipuram signed the MOU with CUSAN president Buddhi Bahadur in the hope that the programme will provide talented umpires and scorers with the experience and knowledge to officiate in an international environment.

Besides providing the necessary exposure and education to umpires and scorers taking part in the exchange programme, they will also officiate in domestic cricket tournaments in both countries. This should build confidence in the umpires and prepare them for the international stage.

The MOU also aims to promote cricket relations between Malaysia and Nepal and help umpires and scorers to acclimatise to different weather, culture and local conditions.

Each country will nominate umpires and scorers to officiate in the other country's national domestic and league competitions in writing and in accordance with the home board's requirements.

The host association will provide accommodation, food, on-field attire, daily allowances and match fees while the visiting board will cover travel and health insurance.

The expansion of international limited-overs cricket in recent years has given rise to the need for additional human resources, especially in umpiring and scoring. This exchange aims to fill that need by providing upcoming and qualified officials with a platform to reach a higher level.

CUSAN is a government-registered association recognised by the Cricket Association of Nepal formed for the welfare of cricket umpires and scorers by creating opportunities for its members through education, training and exchange programmes. CUSAN is currently responsible for the appointment and welfare of umpires and scorers in Nepal while the Cricket Association of Nepal remains suspended by the International Cricket Council.


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