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Jan 28th
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southzonechampionsSouth Zone Team Posing with the Champion Trophy

The Inter-zone Under 12 competition took off on Tuesday, 9 October 2012 featuring 4 zonal teams. Fifty under 12 players from as far as Sabah, Sarawak & the rest of Malaysia gathered at the Kinrara Oval on the 6th October to undergo cntralised training under a panel of national & state coaches.

The coaches gave importance to polishing the players' skills & technique, but also made sure the sessions were had fun filled activities to encourage maximum participation. After 2 days of training under the watchful eyes of the coaches, the players were evenly group into 4 zonal teams. The four teams, North Zone, South Zone, Central Zone & East Zone pit against each other in a 25 overs Inter Zone Competition from the 9 – 11 October at the Kinrara Oval. It is really very encouraging to see a big number of the players gathered here displaying the bowling, batting and fielding skills accordingly to bring victory for the team they represent. Victory was of course on all the teams mind but it is the display of their skills is a pleasure to watch.

In the course of the centralized training and the competition proper, 20 players will be shortlisted by the panel of coaches to attend a talent camp. The camp is specially catered for the selected players to undergo specialized training namely, pace bowling, spin bowling, batting and wicket keeping. The MCA Development team strongly belief that given the right guidance and creating positive attitude amongst these youngsters is very vital in producing the future generation of national cricketers.

South Zone emerged as champions by defeating Central Zone by 169 runs, North Zone by 6 wickets and outclassed East Zone in their final match by 4 wickets. The runner - Up was East Zone having won 2 matches, North Zone finished 3rd and 4th was Central Zone.

Brief Scores


East Zone vs. North Zone
East Zone won by 16 runs
East Zone 101 for 9 wickets in 25 overs.
(M. Imran Mohd. Haris 18 runs, Sanjhey Subanantha 16 runs; M. Hasif Norhaizan 2 wkts for 18 runs & Praveen Surendran 2 wkts for 22 runs)
North Zone 85 all out in 21.3 overs
(M. Nor Ebby Asoha 27 runs & M.Syukri Madeli 10 runs; Sanjhey Subanantha3 wkts for 8 runs)

South Zone vs. Central Zone
South Zone won by 169 runs
South Zone 215 for 3 wickets in 25 overs
(Arjun 67 runs, Ainool Haqqiem Md. Yatim 57 runs n.o. & Zubaidi Zulkiflie 44 runs)
Central Zone 46 all out in 15.1 over
(Dheevash Roshan Kumarasamy 4 wkts for 5 runs & Arjoon Thillainathan 2 wkts for 3 runs)


North Zone vs. South Zone
South Zone won by 6 wickets
North Zone 85 all out in 22.3 overs
(Vishvaruben Kumar 32 runs & M. Hasif Norhasizan 17 runs; Arjoon Thillainathan 3 wkts for 11 runs, Dheevash Roshan Kumarasamy 2 wkts for 12 runs, Soma Sivashankar Selvarajah 2 wkts for 13 runs & M. Akmal Ziyad Zainuddin 2 wkts for 20 runs)

South Zone 87 for 4 wickets in 15.1 overs
(Zubaidi Zulkiflie 22 runs n.o., Arjoon Thillainathan 17 runs, M. Zulhisyam Khairul Anuar 17 runs & Ammarzuhdi Hazalan 13 runs)

Central Zone vs. East Zone
East Zone won by 8 wickets
Central Zone 89 for 9 in 25 overs
(M. Danniel Hakimie Zulkifli 23 runs, M. Aisar Shah Arshad 15 runs; Ashwand Varma Jeevanathan 4wkts for 28 runs & Vijay Unni Suresh Unni 2 wkts for 9 runs)

East Zone 90 for 2 wickets in 21.4 overs
(M. Imran Mohd Haris 16 runs n.o., Sanjhey Subanantha 14 runs n.o., M. Hazim Md. Yunus 11 runs & Vijay Unni Suresh Unni 11 runs)

North Zone vs. Central Zone
North Zone won 81 runs
North 157 runs for 5 wickets in 25 overs
Praveen Surendran 40 runs, M. Nor Ebby Asoha 39 runs, M. Hasif Norhaizan 15 runs & Akhill Ahsyar Abdullah 11 runs; Ikhwan Ramli 2 wkts for 14 runs)
Central Zone 76 all out in 19.3 overs
( M. Hamza Khatri 20 runs n.o. & Rizal Aiman Ismail 14 runs; M. Marzukh Hasnan4 wkts for 18 runs, Praveen Surendran 3 wkts for 6 runs & M. Hasif Norhaizan 2 for 6 runs)


East Zone vs. South Zone
South Zone won by 4 wickets
East Zone 61 all out in 20.4 overs.
(M. Hazim Md. Yunus 13 runs; Soma Sivsashankar Selvarajah 3 wkts for 7 runs & Aqil Hakimi Mohd. Zawawi 2 wkts for 3 runs)South Zone 62 runs for 6 wkts in 14.3 overs
Arjoon Thillainathan 19 runs & Dheevash Roshan Kumarasamy 12 runs; M. Hazim Md. Yunus 2 wkts for 14 runs & Syakir Imran Sharma Nizar 2wkts for 15 runs


1. Best Batsman - Zubaidi Zulkifle - South Zone

2. Best Bowler - Dheevash Roshan Kumarasamy - South Zone

3. Best All Rounder - Arjoon Thillainathan - South Zone

4. Best wicket-keeper - Imran Mohd. Haris - East Zone

5. Most Promising Player - Ainool Haqqiem Md. Yatim - South Zone


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