Malaysia takes a win closer to Gold as they win both T20 matches, previously against Myanmar, and recently defeating Thailand in a tough battle by 7 wickets.

It was an intense game, with Thailand performing much better than they did in the 50 Overs – but they were no match for our boys, as Derek takes the first wicket in just the 2nd bowl of the match, dismissing Maneerat for none – followed by another wicket at 2.3 overs, dismissing Uisuk for only 2 runs.

Thailand was still able to deliver 6 boundaries that caught our fielders by surprise – 3 from Suttisan, and 1 from Mayer, Sungnard and Vichanath respectively. Mayer’s boundary delivery ended in despair as he gets caught by Shafiq Sharif right after, making only 5 runs.

The wickets weren’t taken quick enough to end the match before the 20th over – as the last wicket ended the match exactly at the last bowl. Feisty Anwar Rahman takes two wickets, dismissing Suttisan with a bowl for 25 runs and Pengkumta with a catch for only 6 runs off Mohammad Shukri.

The star of the show – Mohammad Shukri takes three wickets for Malaysia. K Saekue was dismissed lbw for only three runs, in the 11th over. He returned to bowl on the 13th over and took two more wickets, dismissing S Hongsi for only 3 runs and Jeerapanthawong for a duck.

WK Shafiq Sharif ends Sungnard with a stump for only 7 runs at the 14th over. Further into the game, Thailand was at a worrying stage. 9 wickets down, and only 2 overs remaining. They were able to score another 7 runs before Vichanath Singh was dismissed bowled by Virandeep Singh at the last bowl, leaving Malaysia to chase only 78 to steal another win.

Shafiq Sharif kicks off Malaysia’s innings with a 4, before getting removed right after by Pengkumta as they moved into the second over. It was obvious that they were playing safe, after realizing Thailand’s strong fielding. Runs were at a slow rise as they avoided any risky attempts.

Syed swings a four at the third over, followed by Aminuddin Ramly, bringing the score up to 23-1.

The opponents were not afraid of any possible injuries. Senamontree dismisses Syed Aziz for 9 runs as he catches the ball mid-air, landing into a painful dive. He then goes in to bowl at the 5th over that gave Aminuddin a shot at a boundary, just before he delivers another 4 off Uisuk’s bowl. 6 balls later, Aminuddin walks off the field after being caught for 15 runs.

10 overs down, and Malaysia is only 30 runs away from the win, but Thailand was far from relinquishing. Virandeep delivers a close four but Maneerat made an amazing stop – leaping high enough for him to tap the ball away the boundary line; mid-air.

Thanks to Suharril Fetri’s and Virandeeps hard swings, Malaysia bags the match at 81-3, with 17 balls remaining.

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