Myanmar and Malaysia battle it out in a game under the lights, with Malaysia winning the toss and ending their innings with a strong 214-1.

In the 1st over itself Virandeep (Viran) delivers a 4, and it just kept on raining boundaries from here. The dynamic duo – Viran and Anwar – established a strong partnership that delivered boundary after boundary. Malaysia knew they had this under control but they took risky runs that led to very close wickets. Anwar’s impressive performance after delivering sixes that went beyond the oval and grand stand roof, he scored his century at the third bowl of the 17th over.

The Viran-Anwar partnership lasted till 16.6 overs, scoring 166 runs. Virandeep’s dismissal did not seem to shake Malaysia’s performance. With 3 overs left, Aminuddin Ramly delivers three sixes in a row that brought the team 200.

Malaysia’s innings ended leaving Myanmar needing 216 runs to win. An impossible number to score in 20 over, but Myanmar was not going to go down easy – KK Lin Thu delivers a four in the 3.4th over, followed by very close boundaries but none fast enough to pass our swift fielders. They tried to make non-risky runs but that wasn’t good enough, as Thuya Aung leaves the field for 0 runs, with a catch by Aminuddin off Syed Aziz, in the 4th over. KK Lin Thu followed Thuya’s leave, being dismissed for 7 runs by Anwar Rahman’s bowl.
Zarni Thein and Captain Min Wai delivered boundaries before Zarni’s dismissal for only 6 runs by a bowl from Syed Aziz. A downturn followed, as batsmen were forced to leave after making as little as 7 runs at most. The next wicket forced Lin Aung to leave for 1 run, by another bowl from Syed Aziz.

Anwar A Rahman caught Naing Tun for 7 runs off Mohammad Shukri. In the 13th over, Mohammad Shukri takes two wickets in a row, dismissing YK Ko Aung for 1 run and Min Wai for 7 runs. Mohammad Shukri takes another wicket just a few bowls after, dismissing Lin Oo for a duck.

With only 6 overs remaining, Myanmar had to do all they could to get to the 216th run – but Derek dismisses Naing Kyaw for 5 runs, with the help of Ahmed Faiz’s catch. Myanmar’s innings ended with the fall of the last wicket that dismissed Htet Wai with a catch by Suharril Fetri off Mohammad Shukri, putting Myanmar at 52 runs in 15.2 overs.

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