It was a near miss for Malaysia, as they went against Singapore for the Gold medal. Malaysia won against them during the final 50 overs match, it was expected that Singapore would have made a strong comeback, and sure they did.

It was a very disappointing start for Malaysia’s innings as Anwar Arudin was dismissed lbw for a duck at the second bowl of the 1st over. Things got worse when Ahmad Faiz left the field for the same reason before making any runs for Malaysia. Shortly after, another star batsman; Shafiq Shariff; walks out for none with a catch by Vedagiri off Shekhar, at the second over.

As we started losing our opening batsmen, Virandeep took matters in his own hands. He delivered all 7 boundaries of Malaysia’s innings that helped boost up the Malaysia’s score to 98-3. It was a great loss when Singapore took another wicket that dismissed him for 57 runs at the 15.4 over.

The following over, two batsmen left having made only 2 runs – Aminuddin Ramly for 2 and Syed Aziz for a duck. At that point, Malaysia had only 5 batsmen remaining and the score was nothing short of ordinary – so they started taking risks, making as much runs as they could. Mohammad Shukri was the last dismissal of the innings, as he was caught by Paraam off Dharmichand.

Suharril Fetri and Dhivendran Mogan ended Malaysia’s innings at 117-7.

The second innings is always exciting and intense – because you know what the opponents need to win. And for Singapore, 118 was just within their capabilities.

The innings started with the dismissal of Paraam for 4 runs, that’s to Anwar Rahman’s swift catch. But that did not break their spirits as the wickets were at an all-time low for the next few overs. NMS Param delivered four boundaries in the span of three overs, taking Singapore closer to the target with 42-1 in just 4 overs. His swing in the 6th over would have been another boundary if it wasn’t caught by Shafiq Sharif.

The rest of the game got everyone gripping to their seats. Anwar Rahman was able to dismiss Gaznavi for 7 runs with a bowl and another wicket that took out P Param for 12 runs. But that didn’t go much damage as Param had earlier on swung 2 boundaries. 10 overs remaining, and Singapore was 40 runs away from winning. Abhiraj Singh made the chase easier as he delivered two more boundaries that brought up the team 90. He was then dismissed in the 14.2 over by a catch by Syead Aziz off Virandeep after making 13 runs. Virandeep then took out another batsmenwith a run out – Shekhar, for only 2 runs. Singapore only needed 17 runs to the gold, and they still had 3 more overs. It seemed like Malaysia still had a chance, if they could somehow restrain the batsmen from making any runs, delivering low balls to avoid boundary swings.

Malaysia held up as much as they could, but Singapore’s determination brought the 118th run at the second last ball of the match, winning them the gold.
Congratulations Singapore, gold medalist for the T20 Men’s of the SEA Games!

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