It was a short T20 game for Malaysia and Thailand, with Malaysia’s innings ending at 48-10 in 16.01 overs. Thailand had won the toss and sent Malaysia in to bat. The first ball of the first over takes the first wicket – Sutthiraung dismisses a very disappointed Yusrina for lbw. It was a slow rise with 14 runs in 4 overs but Malaysia was able to keep a steady pace, with the help of skipper Winifred Anne’s (Winnie) boundary at unexpecting fielders.

Halfway through the 4th over, Christina Baret was caught by Sutthuiruang, dismissing her for 3 runs. At this point, the wickets were outrunning the runs, with Thailand’s Laomi taking two wickets, removing Mas and Mahirah for 4 runs each.  8 overs in and Malaysia is at a staggering 27 runs as things took a turn for the worse as the fall of the 5th and 6thin one over dismisses Sasha Azmi and Nurul Dewi for only 1 run.

Captain Winnie, holding her position since the first over, delivers close fours but none fast enough to outrun Thailand’s strong fielders. Shortly after, Intan Jamahidayu was dismissed for 2 runs as Malaysia stands on 41-7 in only 8 overs remaining.

A beautiful boundary to Malaysia from Zumika brings the score up to 46-7 five overs later, but things did not go any better from there as Zumika leaves the field for 7 runs, with a bowl by Liengprasert. This was followed by the fall of the 9th wicket that forced Ainna out with a stump by Koncharoenkai off Liengprasert. Malaysia’s innings soon ended with Jannadiah Halim’s run out dismissal for a duck.

Needing only 49 runs to win the match, it did not take much for Thailand to end their innings. Malaysia put their best foot forward with the dismissal of Sirintra Saengsakaorat for only 4 runs, thanks to Mahirah Izzati’s swift catch. Thailand mounts a ruthless fightback when Nattakan Chantam delivers 5 boundaries that were too fast for our fielders.

Chantam’s strong hits were ended by Jannadiah’s perfect bowl, followed by another wicket to Koncaroenkai, dismissing her for lbw for only 4 runs. That was not enough to hold Thailand back as at this point, they were already at 47 runs with only 2 runs remaining to win the game.

In the 8th over, Thailand wins the match with 49-3, putting themselves above Malaysia.