Article - Krikblazers - Set to Ignite a Burning Desire for Cricket Throughout Malaysia
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Krikblazers - Set to Ignite a Burning Desire for Cricket Throughout Malaysia

Malaysian Cricket Association Admin (Malaysian)

Krikblazers - Set to Ignite a Burning Desire for Cricket Throughout Malaysia

Cricket Malaysia is proud to bring onboard 40 new candidates, under the Penjana Kerjaya 2.0 Hiring Incentive scheme. The candidates, otherwise known as Krikblazers, make up  of both boys and girls between the ages of 18- 30, representing all the Malaysian States.
According to Mohammed Iqbal Ali, President of Cricket Malaysia ‘One Should Never Stop Learning’ – “and indeed MCA is an advocate of continuous learning. In this fast -moving environment, we are very much aware that upskilling is the way forward.
We are therefore elated to be able to empower our facilitators, coaches and players through this Sports Administration and Facilities Management Programme offered by Cyberlynx International.
Through these skill sets, we are assured of sustainability in the development of cricket.”
Under the Hiring Incentive Scheme, candidates will undergo both practical and theoretical training in a 90 days Coaching and Sports Administration programme. The modules which have been tailored made by Cyberlynx International will encompass topics on administration of Sports Organizations, Sports Business Development, Coaching & Fitness Basics, Digital & Multimedia Marketing, Sports Facility Management. Coach Accreditation MCA Level 0 and Level 1 and an MCA Umpire’s Refresher Course.
During of the 90 days programme, the ‘Krikblazers’ will be seconded to shadow Cricket Malaysia’s Development Officers, who will impart  the finer points on Cricket Adiwira coaching.
On completion of the  training programme, armed with all the right skills and tools, the Krikblazers will return to their respective home-states and be able to conduct freelance coaching, and or activate the Cricket Adiwira programmes. The ultimate eventuality will be for them to manage their own cricket academies or cricket clubs if they choose too.
 Dinesh Muthuraman COO of Cricket Malaysia stated “The plus factor for our new ‘Krikblazers’ is that an allowance will be paid during the 90 Day programme and they will be awarded with certificates that will open doors for them. Through the sport of Cricket, we find fulfilment in being able to empower the youth of today and play a part in shaping  their tomorrows with such beneficial programmes that underscores a secured future for them.”
Inherently, this is a pioneer programme that is established to create more opportunities for youngsters who are keen on cricket as a career pathway.

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