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Cricket Malaysia Goal to Go Local

15/10/2021POSTED BY Malaysian Cricket Association Admin

Cricket Malaysia Goal to Go Local

Coaches play an important role, Players need to have a match plan and improve on their range of strokes, Training needs to be enjoyable.- This was the main takeaway from today’s online CoachEd Programme.
The CoachEd Programme: Cricket Malaysia embarked on a partnership with CoachEd. This is an accreditation programme by the renowned Gary Kristen who took India to win the 2011 world cup.
The exclusive online coaching course is offered to any individual keen on cricket coaching.
In line with Cricket Malaysia’s plan to have a larger pool of local coaches, Cricket Malaysia sized the opportunity and have since seen the first batch of 20 individuals complete the programme in September this year.
For the second intake, 25 out of 35 individuals were selected to undergo the CoachEd programme which will commence end of October 2021.
In today’s programme, Coaches, the national senior men’s team, national senior women’s team, and national men’s U-19 team logged on to learn the finer points from Gary Kristen.
The comprehensive programme gave insights into Coaching, which touched on matters such as the need to allow athletes to develop their own style of play and to create the environment for the cricketers to develop their game.
Gary Kristen advised that a prerequisite for training sessions is to ensure that is enjoyable with an environment for learning and developing skills while it is imperative to be goal-oriented with the “ Teams Goal” taking precedence. Here again, it is the coach who has a vital role to play in ensuring these requisites are met thereby creating that ‘winning formula.
Touching on topics specifically for players, Gary, stressed the importance for players to have a match plan and to play with all their strength. He emphasised that areas of improvement need to be identified and tackled during practice sessions, taking the valued feedback from coaches which then must be put into practice during matches. Gary Kristen instructed on the importance for players to improve their range of strokes citing the reverse sweep as an example of a keystroke in the T20 format.
Today’s session took the participants through other fundamentals such as the mental state of the players, the effects of pressure on performance and how to overcome pressure thereby enhancing performance.
With this consistency and enthusiasm of the participants, Cricket Malaysia’s goal of achieving 100 accredited local coaches by 2022 is certainly attainable.

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