Malaysia host to ICC World Cricket League Division 4


    Beginning 29th April 2018, three grounds in Malaysia witness the ICC World Cricket League Division 4 matches. Six countries vie for the top spot and ascension to Division 3 towards the 2023 World Cup. Uganda, Malaysia, Denmark, Bermuda, Jersey and Vanuatu will battle it out over the course of 6 days at Kinrara Oval, Royal Selangor Club Kiara, and UKM Bangi.

    Six countries face off in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in the International Cricket Council’s World Cricket League (Division 4) 2018.

    Team Malaysia has been training hard for months, and it is time to gain a rise in the division, our hope is to get into Division 3, if not 2. Goals must be set high, says Mahinda Vallipuram, President Malaysian Cricket Association

    Malaysia is securing a firm foot-hold in her bid to be Asia’s Cricket Hub. To achieve this, Malaysian Cricket Association has been working hard to raise the quality level of cricket grounds and facilities in Selangor. Kinrara Oval, Home of Malaysian Cricket is already well-known to the global cricket scene as a world-class ground and facility, having hosted many international top tier tournaments. Today, Malaysian Cricket Association has worked with other cricket organisations and upgraded several other grounds, including Selangor Turf Club and UKM YSD Oval.

    The ICC WCL (Division 4) tournament will be played at Kinrara Oval, Royal Selangor Club and UKM YSD Oval. Eighteen matches will be played out over the next 8 days. Rest days are May 1st and May 4th.

    A press conference was held with the team captains with media interested to know more about acclimatization and expectations of each team.

    From left to right: Vanuatu – Andrew Mansale, Jersey – Charles Perchard, Uganda – Fred Achelam, Malaysia – Anwar Arudin, Denmark – Hamid Mazhar Shah and Bermuda – Terryn Fray


    Excerpt from espncricinfo

    The qualifying process for next year’s World Cup in England may have just ended last month in Zimbabwe, but for some countries the planning process for the 2023 World Cup is already in full swing. Six teams are in Malaysia this week with their end goal being that event, the first step of which is gaining promotion from World Cricket League Division Four.

    But staying course for qualification for the 2023 World Cup is not the only dangling carrot on display in Kuala Lumpur. Netherlands’ progression from Division Two into the World Cricket League Championship in 2015 paved the way for a spot in the 13-team ODI League and ODI status. Likewise, the six participants in Malaysia – Uganda, Malaysia, Denmark, Bermuda, Jersey and Vanuatu – are hoping that they can move up and gain a spot in the next edition of WCL Championship, anticipated to start in 2020, which brings with it precious fixtures to grow and develop.

    This is the fifth time Malaysia has hosted a WCL tournament, two more than any other country. It is ideal not just for its fairly central location in the context of a truly global tournament but also for the quality of the facilities – whether it is fully constructed stands and pavilions or sand-based outfield drainage which neutralises mid-afternoon monsoon rains – that are arguably the best in the Associate world, outside of the UAE.