Milo/MSSM/MCA U12 Interzone Competition 2018 Winners

The MILO/MSSM/MCA U12 Interzone Competition 2018 was held from the 18th to 22nd December where a total of 46 players U12 spent 5 days at Kinrara Oval. 
Day 1 saw the boys training and divided into 3 zones, Central Zone team, East Zone team and the South Zone team. Day 2 and 3 ended with Central Zone vs East Zone for the final match. Here is the list of winners:-
Man of the Match
Match 1
East Zone vs South Zone
East Zone won by 77 runs
Aizuddin Hakim Norhisam (East Zone) 20 runs
Match 2
Central Zone vs East Zone
(Central Zone won by 1 run)
Mohamad Atif Asri (East Zone) 18 runs & 2 wickets
Match 3
South Zone vs Central Zone
(Central Zone won by 10 runs)
Wan Mohamad Hazwan (South Zone) 10 runs & 4 wickets
Man of the Final
Central Zone vs East Zone
(Central Zone won by 7 runs DL Method)
Vignesh Muraly (Central Zone) 4 wickets
Best Wicket Keeper
Mohd Faris Iskandar East Zone
Best Bowler
Vignesh Muraly Central Zone, 9 wickets in 3 matches
Best Batsman
Mohamad Atif Asri East Zone – 51 runs in 3 matches
Best All rounder
Mohamad Atif bin Asri East Zone – 51 runs & 6 wickets
Most Promising Player
Hamzah Pangi
Central Zone
3rd Place : South Zone
Runners Up : East Zone
Winner : Central Zone