Teachers in Perak attend MCA Level 1 Coaching Course


The Perak Education Department with the aim of taking the game of cricket to schools, embarked on a Malaysian Cricket Association Level 1 Coaching Course for a group of 40 teachers. Participants represented the 12 districts in Perak.

MCA level 1 coaching perakThe course was held at the Unit Sukan, Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perak from Friday, 3rd to Monday, 5th February 2018. The 3-day course covered all expects of Coaching; Role of Coaches, Coaching Methodology, Skills Development, Fitness & Safety which included both theory & practical sessions. The coaches were also introduced to mini games such as ‘Continuous Cricket’ & ‘Tape Ball Cricket’.

The participants were also exposed to the Laws of Cricket and the latest changes that have been made. MCA feels that coaches should also have a better knowledge of the Laws & Playing Conditions of the game. The part of the course covering the Laws was held in the evening.

MCA Perak cricket coaching courseOn the final day, all participants underwent practical assessment where they had to plan and conduct a practical session on skill development. For the coaches to be to be certified as MCA Level 1 Coaches, they also have to, in a period of 1 month organize a ‘Tape Ball Cricket’ in their respective school. Perak Cricket Association together with the Perak School Cricket Technical officials will monitor the teachers and provide them the necessary support towards their accreditation.

Article written by Ramani Batumalai