Venue & Facilities

Kinrara Oval is the Home of Malaysian Cricket. Located in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, our venue is easily accessed via the Puchong-Bukit Jalil highway and is three minutes walk from the BK5 LRT Station. Kinrara Oval is a full-fledged cricket stadium, complete with a pavilion, grandstand, cafeteria and dining hall, an indoor cricket hall, media center, meeting rooms and hostel facilities. All these surround the beautiful world-class cricket grounds that have seen many international and local championships.

Kinrara Oval’s impressive entrance with flagpoles and circular drive way. This building is called the Pavilion and houses the main office, Hamzah Boardroom, umpires and scorers room, locker rooms for two teams, a banquet hall, and the Tunku Imran Stateroom.

The entrance to the Pavilion can accommodate tournament banners, standboards and N-boards to showcase international tournaments and sponsors.Two broadcast towers are located on the side of the Oval and are often used to capture matches.

Our large scoreboard is situated next to the pavilion and is manually updated during a match. We also provide online scoring services that is easily shared on social media and websites.

Our grandstand is able to seat 1500 spectators comfortably as well as accommodate advertisers’ billboards.

Above the sight screen (Black) is our large air-conditioned media centre, which can accommodate 20 media personnel. It is also equipped with ON-AIR rooms for commentary personnel and conducting interviews. Broadcasters may also access the roof to capture the matches from a higher angle. At the ground floor of this media centre is the Mixed zone, where journalists and cameramen may conduct interviews of team captains just off the pitch.

The Kinrara Oval has four floodlights and this is one of our best features, allowing games to be played under lights.